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What are the manufacturing methods of stainless steel seamless pipes?

What are the manufacturing methods of stainless steel seamless pipes?

Time:2022-03-15 Source:China Wuxi JiaNuo Special Steel Co.


Stainless steel seamless pipes are generally produced on automatic tube rolling units. Solid billets are inspected and cleared of surface defects, cut to the required length, centered on the end face of the perforated end of the billet, then sent to a heating furnace for heating and perforated on a perforating machine. In the perforation while continuously rotating and advancing, under the action of the rollers and the top, the internal cavity of the billet is gradually formed, called the hairpin. Then sent to the automatic tube rolling machine to continue rolling. Finally, the wall thickness is equalized by the equalizing machine, and the diameter is fixed by the sizing machine to meet the specifications. The use of continuous rolling units to produce hot-rolled seamless steel pipe is a more advanced method.


If you want to get smaller size and better quality seamless pipe, you must use cold rolling, cold drawing or a combination of both. Cold rolling is usually carried out in a two-roller mill, steel pipe in a circular hole groove with a variable section and a non-moving conical head consisting of an annular hole pattern. Cold drawing is usually carried out on a single-chain or double-chain cold drawing machine of 0.5 to 100T.

Extrusion method is to place the heated billet in a closed extrusion cylinder, perforated bar and extrusion rod together with the movement, so that the extruded parts from the smaller die hole extrusion. This method can produce smaller diameter steel pipe.