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How to judge whether the stainless steel seamless pipe is of high quality or not?

How to judge whether the stainless steel seamless pipe is of high quality or not?

Time:2022-03-18 Source:China Wuxi JiaNuo Special Steel Co.


Stainless steel pipe is developing rapidly in our country. Stainless steel pipes as the market becomes bigger and bigger, there will be many inferior stainless steel seamless pipes. When we choose and buy them without paying attention, we can easily get into trouble. How can we tell if the stainless steel seamless pipe is of high quality?

1. Process standardization

Fully automated production allows new technologies and processes to be applied to new applications. For example, the process painting process can be formed by surface stencil pressing technology enamel, bright and dark stainless steel square tube paint, synchronized stainless steel square tube opening paint, serrated and other non-surface decorative effects, and reduce the process painting surface. The use of paint makes household rusted steel square tube away from harmful substances, such as benzene and volatile organic compounds, thus completely avoiding common quality defects, such as paint cracking and swelling.

2. Packaging standardization

Packaging is a part that many companies ignore. For different types of non-rust steel square tubes, special packaging is used, from outer packaging to small details are specially designed. There are corner protection, edge protection and moisture-proof protection. It makes the rusted steel square tube safe and reliable from factory to customer’s home, free from long distance turbulence and natural factors.

3.Product standardization

Large-scale automated mass production makes the product size more accurate, Wenzhou stainless steel pipe manufacturers install tighter, production efficiency greatly improved, production costs greatly reduced, so the same price of non-rust steel square tube can choose higher quality materials, making the material more solid.

These are the criteria for judging the selection of stainless steel seamless tubes.