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The status of universal rolling mill production of stainless steel H-beam

The status of universal rolling mill production of stainless steel H-beam

Time:2022-03-18 Source:China Wuxi JiaNuo Special Steel Co.

The status of universal rolling mill production of stainless steel H-beam

The current production of hot-rolled H-beam, first in the two-roller cut deep hole type rolled out of the I-beam shaped billet, and then in the universal rolling mill and edge rolling machine for multiple passes to roll H-beam. Universal roughing mill hole type is usually X-hole type, universal finishing mill hole type is H-hole type, see Figure 1. universal mill consists of a pair of horizontal rolls and a pair of vertical rolls, horizontal rolls and vertical roll axis is located perpendicular to the plumb plane of the rolling line, horizontal rolls through the motor drive is the active rolls, vertical rolls are passive rolls.


H-beam web thickness t1 is less than the thickness of the flange t2, the ratio of most in 0.75 (t1/t2 ≈ 0.5 ~ 1.0) below, for wide flange H-beam, the cross-sectional area of the flange is larger than the web.

As the thickness of the abdomen of H-beam is small, the thickness of the flange is relatively large,

In order to make these two parts in the process of deformation elongation is basically balanced, the use and product shape similar to the I-shaped shaped billet as a universal rolling mill billet is necessary, such as rolling HW250mm × 250mm 9mm × 14mm steel, into the universal mill billet size of 357.4mm × 260mm × 35.1mm (height × width × thickness of the abdomen). Due to rolling varieties, specifications, and continuous casting crystallizer can not be replaced as such, the specifications of the continuous casting billet is 2 or 3, that is, 430mm × 300mm × 90mm or 500mm × 300mm 120mm, and then after the initial rolling mill open billet rolling, the formation of the required intermediate billet size; or choose rectangular billet, such as 500mm × 350mm continuous casting slab, after Two-roller rolling mill open billet rolling to get the intermediate billet. Such as the use of slabs, two-roller primary mill open billet need to roll 19 ~ 21 times, while the use of shaped continuous casting billet only need to roll 7 times. Therefore, most of the new production lines are equipped with the construction of shaped billet continuous casting production line.