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Stainless steel composite plate

Stainless steel composite plate

Time:2022-03-18 Source:China Wuxi JiaNuo Special Steel Co.

Stainless steel composite plate is usually stainless steel to do the surface material, with ordinary low-alloy steel or other alloy materials for the base material, through a certain connection combined into one composite plate, both stainless steel and other alloy materials, the advantages of the same specifications in the price of pure stainless steel can not be compared to the advantages of the mouth. Stainless steel / carbon steel composite plate instead of stainless steel can save more than 70% of Cr, Ni alloy elements, conventional production process can reduce costs by 30% to 50% 2-3, if the production of composite plates using direct cold-rolled composite process, it can save more costs, such as China’s North Steel Union (Beijing) Heavy Technology Co. Nearly 60%.

It can be seen that the stainless steel composite plate has a very large market competitive advantage and social and economic benefits, is an important direction for the future development of steel products The development of metal composite plate at home and abroad is roughly as small as Figure 1. China’s metal composite plate research and development, application of late, from the early 1960s began to hot-rolled composite method and casting composite method of research, after more than 60 years of development, has been developed and applied to the metal composite plate production process are mainly explosive welding, explosive welding ten rolling, direct hot rolling, cold rolling, etc., basically mastered the stainless steel / steel, aluminum / stainless steel, titanium / steel, aluminum / copper composite manufacturing Technology, and has achieved industrialization.

It is noteworthy that in 2007, North Steel Union (Beijing) Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and Anshan Iron and Steel Future Design Institute began the research and development of cold-rolled composite plate technology, the substrate, laminate surface treatment, through the large rolling force, large compression rate of direct cold-rolled composite, at present, has basically mastered the manufacturing technology of stainless steel/steel, titanium/steel, aluminum/stainless steel, aluminum/copper composite materials, and has achieved industrialization, in this field We have applied for a number of patents in this field, and have formed a set of more mature production process, which will vigorously promote the application of cold-rolled composite plate market in China.

In the future, with the improvement of domestic market consumption ability and the change of consumption concept, the domestic market demand for stainless steel products will gradually increase, will continue to expand the stainless steel composite plate market space. In addition, the production technology of stainless steel composite plate in the continuous development of progress, promote the quality of products continue to improve, more diversified functions, production costs continue to decline, the market awareness and attention will continue to deepen, which will also promote the market demand for stainless steel composite plate.