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Nickel Alloy-UNS N08810, N08811,Incoloy 800HT Introduction

Nickel Alloy-UNS N08810, N08811,Incoloy 800HT Introduction

Time:2022-03-20 Source:WUXI JIANUO SPECIAL STEEL CO.

Steel grade: Incoloy 800HT N08811 / 1.4959

Characteristics and application areas.


* Has a strong reducing ability.

* Good resistance to high temperature oxidation, high temperature peeling and high carbonization under high temperature conditions.

* Sufficient resistance to chloride stress corrosion and alloy embrittlement caused by σ-precipitated phases.

* Excellent resistance to uniform corrosion.



* Spiral pipes, straight pipes, collector pipes, manifolds, transfer pipes, catalyst pipes (low pressure) and condensing system pipes in steam/hydrocarbon reforming processes.

* Applications in corrosive environments with various acid solutions, salts, and H2S.

* Convection and radiation sections of ethylene decomposition piping furnaces.

* Dichloroethylene, acetic anhydride and ethylene ketone cracking piping.

* Helium-cooled steam systems, high-temperature reaction systems, heat exchangers, heat transfer tubes, heating tubes and other various piping systems.

Applicable standards.

ASTM B163 /B407 /B751/B 775/B 829 /ASME SB 163/ SB 407/ SB 751/SB 775/SB 829

Chemical composition.



C Fe Ni Cr Al+Ti Ti Al
800H 0.05~ 0.10 39.5 min 30.0~ 35.0 19.0~23.0 0.30~1.20 0.15~ 0.60 0.15~ 0.60
800HT 0.06~ 0.10 39.5 min 30.0~ 35.0 19.0~ 23.0 0.85~ 1.20 0.25~ 0.60 0.25~ 0.60

Density and coefficient of linear expansion:

Density 7.94 g/cm3
Temperature 20~100°C
coefficient of linear expansion 14.4 µm/m•°C

Mechanical properties:



Tensile strength


Yield strength (0.2% residual deformation)

.Ksi (Mpa)min

Elongation at 2in or 50 scale


Annealing 65(448) 25(172) 30