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Nickel Alloy – Ni201, NUNS N02201 Introduction

Nickel Alloy – Ni201, NUNS N02201 Introduction

Time:2022-03-20 Source:WUXI JIANUO SPECIAL STEEL CO.

Steel grade: Ni201 / N02201/ 2.4061/ 2.4068 / UNS N02201

Characteristics and application areas.


* A low carbon material (up to 0.02%), a low carbon version of UNS N02200, a solid solution alloy with a face-centered cubic structure.

* Inherently lower hardness and lower work hardening rate.


* Used for spinning and cold forming.

* It is more suitable for use at temperatures above 600°F (315°C) than N02200 and has superior corrosion resistance.


* Used as a laboratory crucible that must withstand oxidation at furnace temperatures up to 2000°F (1100°C).

* Typical applications are alkali evaporators, combustion vessels, plating rods, and electronic components.

Applicable Standards:

ASTM B 161/ ASME SB161, B 163/ SB 163, B 751/ SB751, B775/ SB 775, B 829/ SB 829

Chemical composition:

C Si S Mn Ni+Co Cu Fe
0.02max 0.35 max 0.01 max 0.35 max 99.0min 0.25 max 0.40 max

Density and coefficient of linear expansion :

Density 8.89 g/cm3
Temperature 21~93°C
coefficient of linear expansion 13.1 μm/m •°C

Mechanical properties Physical Properties:

Status Tensile strength greater than

(ksi/Mpa) Min.

Yield strength greater than

(Ksi/Mpa) Min.

Elongation greater than

(%) Min.

退火 Annealed 50 Ksi /345 Mpa 12 Ksi/83 MPa 40%