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Nickel Alloy-UNS N02200 Introduction

Nickel Alloy-UNS N02200 Introduction

Time:2022-03-20 Source:WUXI JIANUO SPECIAL STEEL CO.

Steel grade: UNS N02200

Characteristics and application areas.


* Commercially pure nickel (99.6%), a solid solution alloy with a face-centered cubic structure.

* Good mechanical properties and processing and forming properties.

* Excellent corrosion resistance in a wide range of corrosive environmental conditions.

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* Used in clean production process equipment such as food, man-made fibers, and caustic soda.

* Widely used in structures and components for corrosive conditions, such as chemical delivery drums, electrical and electronic components, and parts for aerospace applications.

* Material is typically restricted to use below 600°F (315°C) due to graphitization of the product, resulting in a severe degradation of the product’s performance.

Applicable standards.

ASTM B 161/ ASME SB161, B 163/ SB 163, B 751/ SB751, B775/ SB 775, B 829/ SB 829

Chemical composition:

C Si S Mn Ni Cu Fe
0.15 max 0.35 max 0.01 max 0.35 max 99.0min 0.25 max 0.40 max

Density and coefficient of linear expansion:

Density 8.89 g/cm3
Temperature 21~93°C
coefficient of linear expansion 13.3 μm/m •°C

Mechanical properties:

Status Tensile strength greater than

(ksi/Mpa) Min.

Yield strength greater than

(ksi/Mpa) Min.

Elongation greater than

(%) Min.

Annealing 55 Ksi /379 Mpa 15 Ksi/103 MPa 40%