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What to pay attention to when choosing 310S stainless steel sheet

What to pay attention to when choosing 310S stainless steel sheet

Time:2022-03-22 Source:WUXI JIANUO SPECIAL STEEL CO.

Things to note when choosing 310S stainless steel sheet.

1. Before choosing stainless steel sheet, it is necessary to understand the use of stainless steel sheet and the environment in which it is used. Usually, 200 series materials are sufficient for indoor use, while outdoor materials (such as 304) are sufficient, while materials above 316 are usually used in acidic and alkaline places or coastal areas.

2. When choosing stainless steel sheet, please make sure the material meets the standard. Take 304 material as an example: from the price analysis, if the price of 304 stainless steel plate is lower than the market price of 301 material, you must check carefully, it is likely to be fake. “B.”. Determine whether the surface of the pipe has been typed ” 304 “; C. Can be tested with acidic reagents. Material 304 will not change color after 30 seconds, while material 201 will change to black.

3. Observe whether the outer surface and inner wall of 310S stainless steel plate is bright, smooth, uniform or rough. Usually, there is no need to check the welded tube. Improper handling during the production process may lead to uneven thickness and surface cracks. Usually, rough surfaces will not be polished. If there is no other requirement in appearance, it will not affect the use.

4. Choose a quality product that has been evaluated. Proof of long-term use and a good reputation among customers is a direct and effective way to buy.

5. In rolled 310S stainless steel sheet, there are often internal heavy leather, pockmarks and rolled blue lines, which basically do not affect the use, but when buying, please choose the least possible and check the inner surface.