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Processing method of non-magnetic stainless steel

Processing method of non-magnetic stainless steel

Time:2022-03-22 Source:WUXI JIANUO SPECIAL STEEL CO.

Non-magnetic stainless steel

It includes the following mass percentages of each component: C: 0.25~0.3%, si: 0.25~0.4%, Mn: 17.5~19.5%, AL: 1~1.5%, V: 0.4~0.9%, rare earth elements: 0.12~0.18%, Ti: 0.02~0.04%, Mo: 0.02~0.04%, P≤0.01%, S≤ 0.01%, the balance of Fe and other unavoidable impurities.

The processing method of this non-magnetic steel includes refining the raw material Fe in the converter to remove impurities, transferring the obtained iron to the ladle furnace for refining, and at the same time, adding other elements of raw materials in accordance with the above-mentioned ratio of the non-magnetic steel elements to be rounded up, the steel obtained from refining is cast into ingots by the continuous shaft machine, and the ingots obtained from casting are heated in the heating furnace, then rolled and tempered to obtain the finished product Non-magnetic steel. By adding rare earth elements, the fatigue strength is improved, and the addition of Ti and MO elements improves the corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance of the non-magnetic steel, which improves the service life of the non-magnetic steel, and the preparation method is simple and low cost.