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Cleaning method of 304 stainless steel channel steel

Cleaning method of 304 stainless steel channel steel

Time:2022-03-22 Source:WUXI JIANUO SPECIAL STEEL CO.

304 stainless steel channel steel in use need to be cleaned, many people do not know where to start cleaning. Next, 304 stainless steel channel steel small part of the cleaning should pay attention to the matter to explain it.

1, the principle of stainless steel rust prevention.

There are many varieties of stainless steel, and a pot does not stew. Dazzling variety of industrial stainless steel, its performance in various fields have good performance. The principle of stainless steel stainless steel is very simple, the main reason is that the steel contains chromium composition, the steel surface has an oxide film known as passivation film. The oxide film is extremely thin and nearly transparent to the human eye. After the oxide film is destroyed by other factors, the chromium in the steel regenerates the passivation film with the oxygen in the medium and becomes the state of the protective steel. A variety of alloying elements can improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel.

2. Precautions when wiping stainless steel.

Wipe stainless steel products with alcohol wipe, wipe the grease on the stainless steel with alcohol is relatively simple, gently wipe about 3, 4 minutes to wipe the grease, remember to clean the alcohol with water after wiping. If it is more stubborn dirt, you can use soda wipe. * Remember to wash clean with water afterwards oh. Remember, in the process of wiping stainless steel, do not use hard objects such as wire balls to wipe. However, the use of hard objects, the stainless steel surface will appear serious scars.

The above is 304 stainless steel channel steel small introduction of 304 stainless steel channel steel, do you know how to wash? I hope the relevant content can help you. If you have questions, please continue to pay attention. We also continue to update.