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316L stainless steel angle welding should pay attention to what issues?

Time:2022-03-28 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

316L stainless steel angle welding should pay attention to what issues?

316L stainless steel angle welding on the selection of raw materials regulations are very high, because if the welding characteristics of raw materials are not very good, difficult to weld, even if they do not want to weld, the product is not easy to apply. First, the stainless steel plate should have excellent heat melting and heat transfer, because before welding, 316L stainless steel angle two parts of the welding joint head should be carried out high temperature solution, so that it is molten and conducive to welding. The actual effect of welding is superior or inferior to the key welding processing process, so the welding work must be delicate.


The selection of electric lone is also important. On the welding work, the selection of welding electric lone with different main parameters will cause different spattering slag condition. If you want to reduce the content of spattered raw materials, you can try vapor maintenance tungsten arc welding. Compared with the vapor maintenance metal material welding electric solitary, its spattering slag condition is greatly improved. The dazzling white light caused by welding can cause eye injuries, so workers should wear technically specialized sleep eye wear to avoid eye injuries.

Good welding practice is basically not easy to leave all the significant welding marks, so in the welding practice should need to pay attention to not have to damage the protective film of 316L stainless steel angle, to prevent leaving significant damage marks. In addition, the arc is also a very critical daily task. When welding aluminum profiles, now must be in the welding on the “arc”, so that the welding work of the marks can be melted into the welding gap, and not easy to leave all the significant marks in the surface layer.