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304 stainless steel angles produce rust and corrosion of what?

Time:2022-03-28 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

304 stainless steel angles produce rust and corrosion of what?

304 stainless steel angle because of its good coordination ability and has a great compressive strength in the construction of industries such as the use of very common, we all understand that there are metal materials are more very easy to rust, these are not easy to rust metal materials are usually all its surface layer has a maintenance effect of air oxide film, but if placed in a special natural environment will still produce rust and other conditions, even if the stainless steel plate is also Is that, but 304 stainless steel angle very rarely produce rust conditions, which is why?


All metal materials will be reflected with the O2 on the edge of the air and then in the surface layer of metal materials want to form a – layer of fine air oxidation film, but despite that, but the tragedy is that today’s general talk about steel, in the surface layer of carbon steel produced compounds, and will continue to produce rust, in that case will promote the total area of rust continued to add, and then there will be a high probability of The rusting holes are seen on the surface of the carbon steel. Although the surface layer of carbon steel can be selected to wipe the paint or air oxidation resistant metal materials to carry out the plating process, this is only an artificial factor – a way to prevent corrosion, but that way there are shortcomings, this way to prevent corrosion is a carbon steel surface plus a – layer of plastic film, but if the plastic film is destroyed, the lower stainless steel plate Still will produce rust, so in today’s stainless steel plate will be applied 304 stainless steel angle to apply. Stainless steel plate in the development of the application is not easy to produce damage to the situation and rust.

Therefore, as a raw material with high compressive strength on the side of the metal material used in today’s construction -, so the application of 304 stainless steel angle will be carried out more often. Now this kind of 304 stainless steel angle, in the development of the application when he can long maintain the construction of the building structure of the components in the building engineering design side of the consistency, because today’s 304 stainless steel angle is coupled with chromium, so today’s prevailing 304 stainless steel angle impact toughness is very high is also has a high plasticity. Therefore, in the processing of the production of parts more convenient and easy, so here a level, can be sufficient to satisfy the stringent requirements of today’s builders and their overall design staff.

304 stainless steel angle is a high compressive strength and reliability of stainless steel plate, in many areas must use 304 stainless steel angle is very much, it can maintain the consistency of the building construction components in the long term, processing and manufacturing 304 stainless steel angle will usually add chromium, so it has excellent plasticity, in the processing will also be very simple, so very popular with the people It is very popular.