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316 stainless steel angle surface black treatment how to remove the protective film

Time:2022-03-28 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

316 stainless steel angle surface black treatment how to remove the protective film

If it is 316 stainless steel angle after welding, 316 stainless steel angle inside and outside surface black, yellow this is because the welding gas purity is not enough or back because of high temperature oxidation and other reasons, the use of the following three methods can avoid such things happen.

1, the purity of the argon gas used in the welding of 304 stainless steel 316 stainless steel angle manufacturers steel pipe to pure argon, from the 316 stainless steel angle outside the surface alone, pure argon to be brighter than the brightness of the general argon welding out significantly brighter.


2, back argon to do a good job of protection, important 316 stainless steel angle after welding to do back protection, not stainless steel plate manufacturers, then, high temperature oxidation will lead to the back through the weld layer oxidation defects, polishing the back of the weld mouth with slag, so the protection can be effective in preventing back oxidation after.

3, can be done on the back side coated with back protection agent, is a kind of argon gas protection can be omitted, coated stainless steel profile manufacturers about 1 mm thickness can be, and then in the front welding, a thin film is formed on the back side to form a protective layer.

Easy to handle the stainless steel protective film tips.

One, direct tear: 316 stainless steel angle surface due to the lack of hardness is easy to scratch, 316 stainless steel angle manufacturers, so before cleaning the protective film to wear gloves and then tear, to prevent fingerprints or hand stains stick to the above, causing secondary damage, tear also pay attention to a piece of tear, fingers should be close to the direction of force.

Second, the hairdryer: 316 stainless steel angle and protective film because the material is different, the physical properties are also different welded pipe manufacturers, so the hairdryer first heated protective film, heating the two will occur after differentiation, it is easy to tear down.

Three, nail wash: the use of alcohol acetone, the same effect is also very good, nail wash does not require quality, good or general can, as long as the nail polish can be washed off through.