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How to buy qualified stainless steel angle?

Time:2022-03-28 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

How to buy qualified stainless steel angle?

Stainless steel angle is a more important type of stainless steel products, for stainless steel angle is now more manufacturers, the production of products is also more complex, 201 stainless steel angle, it can be said that customers do not understand the words stainless steel angle will be a lot of problems, it will be cheated by the businessman. So that the basic knowledge and basic skills of stainless steel angle need to be grasped. When buying stainless steel angles need to pay attention to the following points.

1, the appearance of the difference method: in the appearance of quality requirements industry standards have clear provisions, especially in the delamination, scarring, cracks and other aspects of the provisions are more specific, and then there is the implementation of the standard for geometric deviation also has certain provisions, such as curvature, side width, side thickness, top angle number, theoretical quality and other items have strict provisions, these can be well reflected from the appearance, but also the difference between stainless steel Angle is a very effective basis to distinguish between good and bad.


2, chemical composition identification method: through the chemical composition to identify more scientific, because the chemical composition of stainless steel angle is more of a general structural rolling steel series, the main indicators for C, MN, P, S four test standards. At the same time, according to the characteristics of different grades have certain differences in their chemical content, for example: C < 0.22%, Mn: 0.30-0.65%, P < 0.060%, S < 0.060%. For these chemical composition we can be tested by GB223, JISG1211-1215, BS1837 and other methods, Wuxi 201 stainless steel angle, so as to ensure the quality of stainless steel angle.

3, price estimation method: fully understand the market of each steel grade, if the price of the same steel grade differs greatly, you should consider whether there is a problem in quality.

4, the integrity of the trader: doing business in the market, the better integrity of the enterprise regardless of pre-sales and after-sales embodiment are perfect, the best i much better to choose a few traders to do a comparison, which is also an effective way to prevent the quality of stainless steel angle problems.

5, contractual agreement method: in the transaction of stainless steel, the larger amount should be signed a good contract, marked steel, quantity, material, time, delivery, violation of i disciplinary responsibility, etc.. When there is a material discrepancy, can be sent through consultation or legal means to recover losses.

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