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What are the common problems in the production and processing of 316L stainless steel angle?

Time:2022-03-28 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

What are the common problems in the production and processing of 316L stainless steel angle?

First, the selection of CNC inserts

In the production and processing of 316L stainless steel angle, the application of the tool material is also very high regulations. Production and processing of drilling amplitude, and drilling temperature is very high, so it is reasonable to select as much as possible high compressive strength, heat transfer good hard alloy tools. And, also pay attention to the CNC inserts before and after the left and right edge of the unsmooth value, not suitable for too large, to prevent cutting sticky knife.

Second, select the appropriate cutting oil

316L stainless steel angle raw material is very easy to cause bonding, and its heat-exhausting properties are relatively poor, therefore, we must select a good cutting oil with anti-bonding and heat-exhausting properties.

Third, when opening the material

316L stainless steel angle opening method is generally divided into three: cutting, cutting and plasma cutting machine. In the whole process of cutting, the raw material should be protected with the support frame, and the rubber sheet should also be laid inside the drop bin to prevent scratching 316L stainless steel angle. In the case of sawing open material, immediately after cutting to remove the special tools on the slag oil stains. Plasma cutting machine method is more convenient, but we should pay attention to the laser cutting immediately after clearing the neat spot.

Fourth, mechanical equipment and forming production and processing

In the production and processing should pay attention to good protective measures, in the whole process of sheet metal bending, but also good maintenance of 316L stainless steel angle, more surface layer caused by scratches. After the production and processing to properly handle the product workpiece topside slag and oil stains.

Five, welding

Welding must be carried out in the required welding area, before welding, to clear the dirt, rust and dust on the components with care. As far as possible, the method of argon arc welding to weld 316L stainless steel angle.