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What is the reason for the rust condition of 304 stainless steel angle?

Time:2022-03-28 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

What is the reason for the rust condition of 304 stainless steel angle?

304 stainless steel angle raw material rust condition, there are likely to be more than the following reasons.

1. The application of the natural environment has a chloride ion content.

Chlorine ion content commonly exist, such as edible salt, sweat, sea, cool sea breeze, soil layer these. Stainless steel plate in the natural environment under the chloride ion content, leaching quickly, and even beyond the general high carbon steel.

Therefore, the application of stainless steel plate natural environment has regulations, and must often scrub, remove dust, keep clean and dry. (That would give them set “wrong operation”.)

The United Kingdom has an example: a company with a red oak vessel to hold an aqueous solution containing chloride ion content, the vessel has been used for nearly a hundred years, the 1990s program to dismantle and replace, because the red oak raw materials are not enough contemporary, the choice of stainless steel plate dismantled and replaced 16 days after the vessel leaked due to leaching.

2. Did not experience aging treatment.

Aluminum alloy element is not integrated into the base material, resulting in the base material institutions aluminum alloy composition is low, poor corrosion resistance characteristics.

3. This type of raw material without titanium and niobium has an inherent tendency to stress corrosion.

The addition of titanium and niobium, in addition to a smooth solution, can reduce stress corrosion.

In the air or chemically corrosive substances can resist the leaching of a ferritic stainless steel, stainless steel plate is a beautiful and generous surface and good corrosion resistance, without the need to go through stainless steel plating and other metal surface treatment, and give full play to the original surface characteristics of stainless steel plate, applied to all aspects of steel, generally known as stainless steel plate. The characteristics are 13 manganese steel, 18-8 chromium-nickel steel and other ferritic stainless steel.