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Stainless steel flat steel specifications and applications?

Time:2022-03-29 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Stainless steel flat steel specifications and applications?

Stainless steel flat steel can be constructed according to the different structure must constitute a variety of different bearing force prefabricated components, but also can be used for butt fasteners of the joint. Commonly used in a variety of building structures and engineering projects, such as roof beams, highway bridges, power transmission towers, lifting and transporting machinery, ships, industrial furnaces, reaction tanks, warehousing shelves and so on.

Stainless steel flat steel in engineering construction as highway bridges, house frames, guardrails, power transmission vessels, cars, etc. Production and manufacture of stainless steel flat steel raw material billet for low carbon environmental protection square steel billet, manufactured stainless steel flat steel for hot roll forming, cold rolling or hot rolling situation delivery. When buying and selling, the contract book and other bills should be filled out flush with the side width and side thickness specifications of stainless steel flat steel, and key other processing matters, such as quenching, heat treatment tempering, etc.

Types and specifications

The key is divided into two categories: equilateral and unequal, in which equilateral can be divided into the specifications of the square steel pipe with the specifications of the perimeter and side thickness. Domestic specifications are 3mm*50m-150mm.

Import and export trade orders are generally dominated by the specifications specified in the application, and its steel number is the corresponding hot-rolled square steel number. That is, in addition to the specification number, there is no special composition and characteristics of the series.

The delivery length of stainless steel flat steel is divided into two kinds of fixed length, times the length of the domestic fixed length selection range according to the specification number of different 3-8m, 4-12m Japanese production length selection range of 6-15m.