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How the use of stainless steel flat steel industry.

Time:2022-03-29 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

How the use of stainless steel flat steel industry.

If you compare stainless steel round bars with stainless steel flat bars, then stainless steel round bars are much more widely used than stainless steel flat bars. Under normal circumstances, stainless steel round steel is used for screw manufacturers, accessory manufacturers and machine parts manufacturers, etc. , widely used in construction projects, medical equipment and other occupations.

And stainless steel flat steel is mainly used for decoration, such as tableware, etc. So from the overall performance analysis, stainless steel flat steel base cannot be compared with stainless steel round steel. Stainless steel flat steel can also be divided into unequal and equilateral, and equilateral stainless steel flat steel can also be called stainless steel square steel, but the scale of stainless steel flat steel expression is mainly specifications and around the length and thickness.

Stainless steel flat steel quality standardization, regular appearance, required in the normal application without scars, delamination, cracks and other defects. But the shape of the error scale is also regular, mainly including the normal situation of the widening, top angle, curvature, side thickness.