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Technical process of 301 stainless steel strip

Technical process of 301 stainless steel strip

Time:2022-04-02 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Also to improve its corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity and electromagnetic properties for the purpose of using diffusion bonding process, the thin layer of Cu, Ni, Sl and Monel (monel), corrosion-resistant alloys, etc. on the surface of stainless steel complex cover. On the other hand, in recent years also developed a transparent (clear) painted and laminated printed film (film) pattern decorative stainless steel and stainless steel with different metal tone plating by coating, can be widely in a number of fields.

Second, painted stainless steel

The painted stainless steel produced in the 1970s is mainly used as roofing (roofing) materials. The beginning of the use of matte finishing SU304 stainless steel plate, because of the high salt content in the atmosphere in the coastal area and the subject of rust. For this reason, the development of the stainless steel surface coated with excellent resistance to atmospheric corrosion (referred to as weathering) of the fluorine system of fluorine coloring coating of the silicone varicose system, to solve the rust problem, until now is the mainstream of stainless steel used in the house with the material. This product not only has excellent weather resistance and corrosion resistance, but also has a beautiful pattern and good anti-blinding properties through the adjustment of the paint color.