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Stainless steel belt thickness tolerance

Stainless steel belt thickness tolerance

Time:2022-04-02 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Q: 0.1MM thick stainless steel strip, cold-rolled tolerance of the minimum can do! 0.097mm~0.1mm 0.1mm~0.095mm 0.09mm~0.1mm The most standard can do that precision?

A: The thinner the stainless steel strip pressed the smaller the tolerance, such as 3.0 thick billet pressed into 1.2 finished thickness may be plus or minus 2-4 C is also relatively common, but pressed into 0.3 when shu, thickness plus or minus only 1-2 C, because the thinner you press, the more processes the thickness of the negative difference is also less.

Stainless steel has a positive tolerance and negative tolerance, the market for stainless steel plus or minus 1-2 C is very normal. Basically, you can do plus or minus 0.01, a better material can do plus or minus 0.005.