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What are the characteristic uses of different materials of stainless steel strips?

What are the characteristic uses of different materials of stainless steel strips?

Time:2022-04-02 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Cold rolled strip: cold rolled strip is a special treatment of stainless steel strip products, it is based on stainless steel strip as the basic raw material, at room temperature after the cold rolling mill treatment and formed another subsidiary industrial steel strip products. In the standard, the standard specification of cold rolled strip is between 0.1mm and 3mm in thickness, and between 100mm and 2000mm in width; in most cases, the production of cold rolled strip cannot exceed this range. Otherwise, it will affect many states when it is used. Cold rolled strip has excellent characteristics such as smooth and flat surface, high dimensional accuracy and good mechanical properties, and is often processed into rolls and into coated steel sheets. Cold-rolled strip is widely used in industrial manufacturing such as tractors and automobiles.

Hot-rolled strip: Hot-rolled strip is another type of stainless steel strip. It has a thickness of 1.80mm-6.00mm and a width of 50mm-1200mm. Hot-rolled strip is another type of steel strip processed by a hot rolling mill, with excellent characteristics such as low hardness, easy processing, and good ductility, so it is often used as a thin sheet.

Silicon steel thin strip: silicon steel thin strip is another kind of stainless steel strip, itself with the corresponding grain orientation structure. It is often used to manufacture a variety of industrial electrical equipment such as power transformers and pulse transformer converters with operating frequencies above 400Hz.

Structural steel strip: In the delivery condition, structural steel strip will be heat-treated, but if the strip has met the standards, it can be used without heat treatment. Structural steel strip is very large and used in large quantities, for example, it is widely used in automotive manufacturing, aviation, aerospace and other heavy industries.

Stainless steel strips are these steel strip products processed by special treatment, and they are often used in various heavy industry fields, making an inescapable contribution to our life and production.