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304 stainless steel belt labeling method

304 stainless steel belt labeling method

Time:2022-04-02 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

American Iron and Steel Institute is a three-digit number to mark the various standard grades of malleable stainless steel. Among them.

① austenitic stainless steel is marked with 200 and 300 series of numbers

② ferritic and martensitic stainless steel with 400 series of numbers. For example, some of the more common austenitic stainless steel

are marked with 201, 304, 316, and 310.


③ ferritic stainless steel is marked by 430 and 446, martensitic stainless steel is marked by 410, 420 as well as 440C

marked, duplex (austenitic-ferritic), and

④ stainless steel, precipitation-hardening stainless steel and high alloy with less than 50% iron content is usually named using a patented name or trademark.

4). Classification and grading of standards

4-1 classification classification.

① standard GB ② industry standard YB ③ local standards ④ enterprise standard Q/CB

4-2 Classification.

① product standards ② packaging standards ③ method standards ④ basic standards

4-3 Standard level (in three levels).

Y level: international advanced level I level: international general level H level: domestic advanced level