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Stainless steel pipe has become the new favorite home decoration

Stainless steel pipe has become the new favorite home decoration

Time:2022-04-02 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

In the interior decoration project, the proportion of water pipes, whether in the amount of materials or in the price, is very small, but once the water pipes have problems, the consequences can be very serious. So it is extremely important to choose reliable quality, high stability, easy maintenance, health and environmental protection of water pipes.

The choice of high-quality stainless steel material for water supply pipe has become a trend in the world. Stainless steel material is a recognized health material can be implanted in the human body, stainless steel as a material to manufacture water pipes in developed countries has a history of many years. Information shows that: in Germany, more than 80% of residents choose stainless steel water pipes; in Japan, Tokyo has more than 85% of households using stainless steel water pipes; in Australia, has begun to replace other tubes, stainless steel water pipes; in the United States, Las Vegas five-star hotel water pipes all use stainless steel materials. In China, the Ministry of Construction issued a national standard for thin-walled stainless steel pipes on July 10, 2003 (GB/T19228.2-2003). Olympic stadiums and five-star hotels have adopted thin-walled stainless steel pipes as domestic water supply piping!


China’s home water pipeline status.

Plastic pipe (PPR pipe) plastic pipe is cheap, the most widely used, but the plasticizer in plastic materials containing bisphenol A. According to the United Kingdom, France, Japan and other experts, male sperm in 50 years by half and women’s diseases are related to bisphenol A. In addition to bisphenol A, plastic materials in the class of bisphenol A is another hidden danger of plastic products, the Ministry of Health has issued a special document to ban bisphenol A for Baby bottles. PPR pipe on the market at present, there is also a big problem in the material, PPR pipe plastic material is “non-conventional polypropylene”, which is only the international Scandinavian chemical, Germany Basque two production quality is better, but the price is higher, the domestic can not produce non-conventional polypropylene, some domestic PPR pipe factory is used South Korea and domestic modified plastic propylene itself does not meet the standards of PPR pipe, there are many enterprises in the production of many other plastics, these pipes are called “PPR” pipe, therefore, the quality of these pipes should be a more worrying problem.

What are the benefits of switching from PPR to stainless steel water pipes?

We usually use PPR water pipes, if you use hot circulating water, you must use stainless steel water pipes, why? Because our human body temperature is around 37 ° C, the bath water temperature needs to be at least 45 ° C or so, and this is only the temperature of the end of our bath water out of the water point. Because the water in the process of transport from the starting point to the end because of various factors will cause heat loss, therefore, the starting point of the boiler temperature needs to be at least between 70-80 ° C to ensure that the end of the water outlet point has about 45 ° C. Usually circulating water is in the 24-hour non-stop pressurized cycle, and there are 365 days a year, renovation of the house at least 10 years as a renovation cycle, so PPR plastic pipe after up to 10 years of 70 degrees – 80 degrees of hot water non-stop hot, I believe that the internal matrix of the plastic material products must be qualitative changes, so the human body will certainly cause slow significant harm to us.

We know that in the city’s water pipe network, the large pipes flowing in the living water, relatively clean, but the water in the small branch pipes into the home is often dead, such as the water we put out every morning within the faucet ???? Water, in fact, is the previous night in the pipe, after a night of stillness, it is extremely easy to breed bacteria. At the same time, because of the material of the pipe itself, after a long time of water infiltration, harmful substances are easy to enter the water body. The stability of the stainless steel water pipe system can effectively prevent pollution due to the material, stainless steel water pipes are strong, can withstand good vibration and impact, with no leakage, no burst, fire, shock resistance, and applicable to any water quality, in addition to disinfection and sterilization, there is no need to control the water quality. At the same time, there is no corrosion and foul exudate, and the water stays in the pipe for a longer period of time will not affect the water quality, eliminating secondary pollution. This is a health barrier. When the thin-walled stainless steel water pipe into thousands of homes, health will be more than a security that is not easily breached. When a stream of pure water pours out from the stainless steel pipes, as if the blood flowing in the veins, the pulse of health in the flow of a strong beat.


Home furnishings why the full popularity of stainless steel pipe:.

Field corrosion test data show that the service life of stainless steel water pipes up to 100 years. According to the relevant provisions of our country for individual homes, residential use in 70 years, that is, stainless steel water pipes can ensure the use of the middle without the need for repair and replacement. Compared with other tubes that are now more applied, this is an incomparable advantage, and it is this advantage, destined to thin-walled stainless steel water pipes will enter thousands of homes.

For the average resident, the house will be used for decades, the decoration will not be changed in decades, so a material that can work in tandem with the years of living is quite important, especially the water pipe, because hidden below the surface, repair and replacement is a major construction project. Instead of destroying the integrity of the decoration in the patchwork, or using materials that are not healthy enough for the environment in the near future, it is better to have a sense of foresight and invest once for long-term benefits. Pipe joints are produced using advanced foreign technology, using sealing rings, strong corrosion resistance, as shown by relevant tests, can achieve synchronous use with water pipes. Although the current price of stainless steel water pipes is higher than ordinary materials, but in the long run, save the repeated investment in repair and replacement, or very economic, customer property damage is almost zero.

Thin-walled stainless steel water pipes belong to the sixth generation of piping, its health, environmental protection, reliability, economic advantages, has led the piping industry revolution. According to the actual measurement, the working pressure of thin-walled stainless steel pipe system can reach more than 2.5Mpa, its low heat transfer rate is 1/25 of copper pipe, 1/4 of iron pipe, the insulation effect is the best one among all metal pipes, and can be used for a long time in the temperature range of -40℃~120℃. Because of its excellent performance in all aspects, the Ministry of Construction has been listed below as the preferred water pipe.

1, to meet the health requirements, take a look at medical equipment, take a look at high-grade tableware, we know that stainless steel is the safest and most hygienic water pipe material, thin-walled stainless steel pipe will not cause secondary pollution of water quality, to meet the needs of the national direct drinking water quality standards.

2、Can be 100% recycled

Thin-walled stainless steel pipe is a water pipe can be completely recycled; will not leave future generations can not deal with the garbage.

3、Save water resources

The strength of thin-walled stainless steel pipe material is higher than all water pipe materials, greatly reducing the possibility of leakage of water pipes by external forces, saving a lot of water resources.

4、Excellent wear and corrosion resistance

Stainless steel water pipe can withstand up to 30 m / s high-speed water erosion, stainless steel surface thin and dense chromium-rich oxide film makes stainless steel water pipe in all water quality, including soft water has good corrosion resistance, even buried use also has excellent corrosion resistance.

5、Reduce heat loss

The insulation performance of thin-walled stainless steel pipe material is 24 times that of copper material water pipe, saving a lot of heat loss in hot water transmission.

Thin-walled stainless steel pipe with its safe and reliable, health and environmental protection, economic and other advantages, is becoming a new choice of water supply pipe material. Safety and reliability, health and environmental protection and economic use have been the three major factors affecting the promotion of various types of new tubes, and thin-walled stainless steel pipe is almost the perfect combination of these three factors. Not only that, its bright and clean appearance is catering to the needs of modern people in pursuit of high taste life. Therefore, it is becoming one of the most favored new tubes.