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304 stainless steel belt and 316 stainless steel belt main difference

304 stainless steel belt and 316 stainless steel belt main difference

Time:2022-04-02 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co., Ltd.

Customers who often purchase stainless steel belts understand that the two most common types of stainless steel belts are 304 stainless steel belts and 316 stainless steel belts. Customers usually choose different models according to their needs or application environment, but for the first time to purchase stainless steel belt customers may not quite understand what the numbers in different models represent the meaning.


In fact, the main difference between 304 stainless steel belt and 316 stainless steel belt is whether the product contains the chemical element molybdenum (Mo), about the 316 model of stainless steel belt, its composition contains molybdenum, while 304 does not contain this element, in addition, people generally think that 316 products in the higher temperature environment better corrosion resistance, so ordinary professional engineers will choose to use 316 material products, but it should be noted that when the environment using concentrated sulfuric acid, is absolutely not able to use the 316 material, otherwise molybdenum will react with concentrated sulfuric acid, generating molybdenum disulfide, so the results of the reaction is very serious.


After the above understanding can know, in fact, the stainless steel belt in the number of no special significance, that is, 316, 304 in the 04 or 16 does not represent a detailed value, that is to say, this number and the model with the fact that there is not much regularity to follow, on some of the need to control this aspect of learning, the need to use the formal memory of the data model and the respective The characteristics of the material to remember, in practice to pay attention not to seize mixed, or may form a very serious result.

Another thing to note is that in the purchase of stainless steel belt must choose the quality of products reliable, perfect service enterprises to stop collaboration, excellent quality to ensure the application of the product effect, and good customer service can help customers to eliminate a lot of worries.