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Stainless steel coil

Stainless steel coil

Time:2022-04-07 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co.

Stainless steel coil

stainless steel coil,301 stainless steel coil,303 stainless steel coil,304L stainless steel coil 304/2B stainless steel coil

Chinese name stainless steel coil Material 304 stainless steel strip, 304L stainless steel strip Origin Imported and domestic Features Well packed, good price


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Material Type Editor Podcast

304 stainless steel strip,304L stainless steel strip,303 stainless steel strip,302 stainless steel strip,301 stainless steel strip,430 stainless

stainless steel belt, 201 stainless steel belt, 202 stainless steel belt, 316 stainless steel belt, 316L stainless steel belt, 304 stainless steel coil belt, 304L stainless steel coil belt, 316 stainless steel coil belt, 316L stainless steel coil belt, etc.

Product Features Edit Podcast

Our stainless steel strip material and specifications are complete, the price is favorable. Provide stainless steel belt material certificate, SGS report. Stainless steel belt is also called coil belt, coil material, coil plate, plate coil, and the hardness of the belt is also a lot. Stainless steel features: 1. complete product specifications, a variety of materials; 2. high dimensional accuracy, up to ± 0.1mm; 3. excellent surface quality, good brightness; 4. strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and fatigue strength; 5. stable chemical composition, pure steel, low inclusions; 6. well-packaged, favorable prices; 7. can be non-standard custom-made.

Product Specifications Editor Podcast

Strip is a thin steel sheet supplied in coils, also called strip steel. There are imported and domestic, divided into hot-rolled and cold-rolled. Specifications: width 3.5mm ~ 1550mm, thickness 0.025mm ~ 4mm. We can also undertake to order various special specifications of special steel according to the needs of different users.