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Stainless steel decorative plate

Stainless steel decorative plate

Time:2022-04-07 Source:Wuxi Jianuo Special Steel Co.

Stainless steel decorative panels have been used more and more widely in recent years due to the uniqueness it has. Now, foreign countries use a large number of stainless steel products on buildings to do decoration, stainless steel plate has become popular. Stainless steel has both the unique luster and strength of the metal, but also has a variety of colors, the color of the enduring. Stainless steel plate it not only maintains the physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the original color stainless steel, but also has stronger corrosion resistance than the original color stainless steel. Therefore, when it was introduced from the 1970s, it has been widely used in the fields of building materials, chemical industry, automobile, electronic industry and arts and crafts.


1 Introduction

2 Stainless steel decorative plate applications

3 Stainless steel decorative plate classification

By process

By surface classification

by color


Color stainless steel decorative plate colorful, is a very good decorative material, decorated with it to show the graceful and noble quality, color stainless steel plate at the same time with strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical properties, color surface layer does not fade over time, color with different light angles will produce hue changes and other characteristics, color stainless steel plate and color surface layer can be resistant to 200 ℃ temperature, salt spray corrosion resistance than the general stainless steel, good performance. Color stainless steel plate wear resistance and scratch resistance is equivalent to the performance of the foil layer coated with gold. Color stainless steel plate when bending 90 ℃, the color layer will not be damaged, can be used as hall wall panels, ceilings, elevator compartment plate, car box plate, building decoration, signboards and other decorative purposes, color stainless steel plate is generally used in decorative wall.

Stainless steel decorative plate applications

Among the commonly used primary color stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel is the most suitable coloring material, which can get a satisfactory color appearance. Ferritic stainless steel due to the possibility of increased corrosion within the coloring solution, the color obtained is not as vivid as the former. The low chromium high carbon martensitic stainless steel, due to its worse corrosion resistance, can only get gray color or black surface. It is reported that austenitic stainless steel by the use of low-temperature surface oxidation treatment coloring method after coloring, in the industrial atmosphere exposed to 6 years, in the marine atmosphere exposed to 1.5 years, in boiling water immersed in 28 days, or was heated to about 300 ℃, its color luster are no change. In addition, it can also withstand general moulding process, drawing and bending process, as well as process hardening. Color stainless steel can be used in many other areas in addition to the exterior of buildings and window frame decoration. For example, black stainless steel sheets can be used to make solar collector panels, the choice of heat absorption rate of up to 91% to 93%.

In the arts and crafts sector, the combination of colored stainless steel and printing, etching and grinding and dot method can be used in conjunction with the process, the production of never fading three-dimensional relief murals, hanging screens, etc.. In addition, the use of colored stainless steel manufacturing household appliances, cookware, kitchen equipment, bathroom utensils, will be very popular with consumers. Stainless steel decorative plate is a very good decorative material, decorate with it as much as possible to show the noble quality, Guangzhou commercial bank office building overall decoration project, Binzhou Traffic Bureau high-grade glass staircase guardrail, Shandong Province gymnasium stainless steel glass doors, Fujian Province An Ying financial staircase guardrail project, Jindeli chain store store project, part of the provincial hospital stainless steel project, South Industrial Road advertising station, stainless steel cabinets in Huaiyin Hospital, etc. .

Stainless steel decorative plate classification

Classification by process

A, electroplating diàndù [electroplate; galvanization] electroplating: the use of electrolysis to make the surface of metal or other materials attached to a layer of metal film process. It can prevent corrosion, improve wear resistance, electrical conductivity, reflectivity and aesthetics, etc.  B, aqueous plating in an aqueous solution does not depend on the external power supply, the public relies on the reducing agent in the plating solution for chemical reduction reaction, so that the metal ions are continuously reduced on the autocatalytic surface, the formation of metal plating process.  C, fluorocarbon paint refers to the fluorine resin as the main film-forming substances of the coating; also known as fluorocarbon paint, fluorine paint, fluorine resin coating D, spray paint with compressed air will be sprayed into a mist coating on the stainless steel plate formed by the different colors.

Classification by surface

Mirror plate (8K), brushed plate (LH), sandblasted plate, and grain plate, sandblasted plate, etched plate, embossed plate, composite plate (combination plate)

1、Colorful stainless steel mirror plate

Color stainless steel mirror plate

8K plate, also known as mirror plate, polished with abrasive solution through polishing equipment on the surface of the stainless steel plate, so that the plate surface luminosity as clear as a mirror, and then electroplated with color.

Brushed stainless steel plate

2、Colorful stainless steel brushed plate

Brushed sheet (LH), also called hairline, because the grain is like hair thin and straight. Its surface is like a filamentous texture, which is a processing process of stainless steel. The surface is matte, look closely at the texture on the top, but can not be touched, than the general bright stainless steel wear-resistant, looks more upscale some. Hairline plate has a variety of grain, there are hairline (HL), snow sand grain (NO4), and grain (chaotic grain), cross grain, cross grain, etc., all grain are processed by oil throwing hairline machine as required, and then electroplated coloring.

Color stainless steel sandblasted plate

3、Colorful stainless steel sandblasted plate

Sandblasted plate with zirconium beads through mechanical equipment in the stainless steel plate surface processing, so that the plate surface presents fine beads sand surface, forming a unique decorative effect. Then electroplated coloring.

Color stainless steel combination process plate

4、Colored stainless steel combination process plate

According to the process requirements, the polishing hairline, coating, etching, sandblasting and other processes are concentrated on the same plate surface for combined process processing. Then electroplating coloring.

Color stainless steel and grain plate

5, color stainless steel and grain plate

The sand pattern of the plate is made up of a circle of sand patterns from a distance, and the close up is a non-standard pattern, which is ground by the grinding head swinging up and down irregularly, and then electroplated coloring. Whether and grain plate, or brushed plate, etc. belong to one of the sanding plate, but the surface state of these plates is not the same, so the statement is not the same.

Color stainless steel etched plate

6, color stainless steel etched sheet

Etched plate is in the mirror plate, brushed plate, sandblasted plate as the base plate, its surface through the chemical method, corrosion out of a variety of pattern pattern after deep processing; etched plate local and pattern, brushed, inlay gold, titanium and other kinds of complex process processing, and finally achieve the pattern of light and dark, colorful effect.

Classification by color

Titanium black (black titanium), sky blue, titanium gold, coffee, teal, fuchsia, bronze, rose gold, titanium white, emerald green, green, champagne gold, bronze, pink, Japanese gold, seven colors.