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The difference between seamless stainless steel tubes and precision stainless steel tubes

The difference between seamless stainless steel tubes and precision stainless steel tubes

Time:2022-04-13 Source:China Wuxi JiaNuo Special Steel Co.

Precision stainless steel tubes are welded tubes and seamless tubes. But when most people talk about precision tubes, the first thing that comes to mind is seamless tubes, thinking that precision tubes are seamless tubes, but in fact, precision tubes are also welded tubes. Next, we will talk about the difference between seamless stainless steel tubes and precision stainless steel tubes.

Stainless steel seamless tube.

Seamless tubes are made from round tube ingots, through the production process of cold rolling, cold drawing or hot extrusion. Since seamless tubes are processed using round ingots, the precision of the tubes is low, the wall thickness is uneven, the brightness of the inner and outer surfaces is low, and the cost of sizing increases, and after repeated heating, the inner surfaces of the tubes are very easy to have black spots and are not easily removed.

Moreover, the composition of steel used to produce seamless pipes is only up to the basic requirements of ASTM, which will produce various instability factors during the welding process, not easy to weld firmly and impervious to welding. Seamless pipes also have metal delamination and residual stress. The price of seamless pipe is also higher than the price of welded pipe.

Precision stainless steel pipe.

Precision stainless steel pipe is made of steel strip that is welded after being curled and formed by a unit and mold, and the welded pipe avoids multiple heating processes during processing, making the production process more environmentally friendly and safer. Since the processed stainless steel strip is used as raw material, the precision tube produced is high precision, uniform wall thickness, high brightness of the tube appearance, and can be made at random according to customer demand.

Moreover, the precision tube is formed precisely by precision machine rolled steel after grinding and fine-tuning, so its thickness tolerance is smaller. In the case of the same chemical composition, the steel used to produce the precision tube contains chemical composition suitable for welding, so its strength will be relatively higher. Precision stainless steel welded tubes also have the advantages of uniform wall thickness, low residual stress, high weld strength, and good consistency.

Not only that, the quality of precision stainless steel pipe is better than the comprehensive quality of stainless steel seamless pipe, but the market price is only half of the seamless pipe.

The above is the difference between seamless stainless steel tube and precision stainless steel tube. In recent years, the development situation of the precision stainless steel tube industry is relatively good, regardless of the scale, quality, production technology and other aspects have made great progress, especially its demand areas are also gradually expanding. In addition, with the increasing maturity of the stainless steel welded tube process, many products can replace stainless steel seamless tubes, such as: heat exchanger tubes, low and medium pressure boiler tubes, etc.