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What aspects of custom processing of stainless steel sheet need to pay attention to?

What aspects of custom processing of stainless steel sheet need to pay attention to?

Time:2022-04-13 Source:China Wuxi JiaNuo Special Steel Co.

In addition to ordinary stainless steel plate, some customers will choose stainless steel plate custom processing to meet their own use requirements. However, the customization of stainless steel plate is different from ordinary stainless steel plate procurement, need to pay special attention to some issues. Next, Zhongxing Yide Editor says a few points to note when customizing stainless steel sheet.

1、Understand the demand

Customers need to inform the use of stainless steel plate requirements, and understand the corresponding custom processing costs. For example: what material the stainless steel plate needs, what is the specification, what is the shape, the application scenario, whether the surface treatment is required, if the pattern plate is to be customized also need to specify which pattern is customized, etc.

All of these are stainless steel plate manufacturers need to understand clearly, because the requirements are different, from the selection of materials to production and processing to packaging may be different, especially in the production and processing link, will be based on customer needs using different processing technology. Customers can best provide detailed custom drawings and lists, which list clearly all the requirements, so that the processing plant master according to custom drawings and lists to determine whether to meet the needs, to avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

2、Sample determination

Stainless steel plate manufacturers will produce some samples for customers to confirm. After the customer receives the sample, you can check or test the sample, check how well it works, whether there is not meet the requirements, or problems. Problems should be timely feedback to the stainless steel sheet manufacturers, stainless steel sheet manufacturers will be adjusted according to customer feedback. If there is no problem with the sample, then the order can be placed with confidence. Subsequently, the stainless steel sheet manufacturer will start mass production.

3、Sign the contract

The signing of the contract is very important. To avoid unnecessary trouble at a later stage, both sides need to clearly express their requirements when signing the contract, and the content of the contract must be agreed, such as stainless steel material, specifications and shapes, product quantity, customization needs, packaging methods, delivery periods, costs, payment methods, etc. When signing the contract between the two sides, you also need to pay special attention to matters related to the contract to ensure the consistency of information between the two sides.

Stainless steel plate custom processing requires more attention, and also requires the customer to select a good suitable stainless steel plate custom processing factory, such as to see whether this stainless steel manufacturers have warehousing, processing, trade, distribution and other one-stop services. This requires the customer to make a site visit to understand the situation and compare the goods.