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Stainless steel tube 304 in our life is how to apply to decorate the stairs.

Stainless steel tube 304 in our life is how to apply to decorate the stairs.
Introduction:People’s living standards drive people’s requirements for quality of life, in life, many places are reflected, from many small things can be seen, may be a small life supplies can be reflected, such as tableware, electrical appliances, doors and windows, children’s toys, etc.. Here we will take a look at the stainless steel stairs we can’t live without.
A, stainless steel stairs accessories.
Stainless steel stairs have a wide variety of stainless steel pipes, and its price will change because of the material of the stainless steel pipes. Stainless steel piping accessories also vary, we need to go through a critical selection, if we choose a good stainless steel support accessories, can make the whole stainless steel stairs become more beautiful, some accessories can make the stainless steel stairs become more stable, the use of time more long. Stainless steel stairs accessories include cutting machines, argon, grinding and cutting machines, welders, punching machines, horizontal measuring tape, expanded screws, iron hammers, welding wire made of stainless steel, large grinding pads, small grinding pads and round balls made of stainless steel.
Second, the production method of stainless steel stairs.
The first step: as the production of stainless steel stairs need to go through a professional design, by comparing with the actual stairs later, choose the type of stainless steel stairs material, stainless steel stairs material type is usually 201 stainless steel tube, can also be 304 stainless steel tube. Different stainless steel staircase material models will have different thicknesses, its thickness according to our own needs to choose.
Step 2: After choosing the material for the stainless steel staircase, it is the design work for the selected material, which needs to be designed for its height. There are two methods of making stainless steel stairs, which are column with ball and circular elbow, they are different, here is the practice of column with ball.
Step 3: After a certain design of the stainless steel staircase, the measurement of the stainless steel staircase using a measuring tape for statistical work, and then according to the measured data on the stainless steel pipe cutting, the height of the upper and lower columns are generally kept at about 85cm, which is a relatively safe height for the public.
Step 4: After the stainless steel pipe is cut, holes are punched in the floor of the staircase, after the holes are punched using a punching machine, then the expansion screws are screwed into the punched holes to make sure they are tightened.
Step 5: After screwing the expansion screws into the holes, proceed with the installation of the columns, weld the cut columns to the expansion screws in the holes, then use the horizontal measuring tape to measure and keep the stairs vertical to the ground, so that the stainless steel stairs will be more beautiful.
Step 6: Connect the face tube and weld the brackets.
Step 7: Measure the distance of the bracket posts. Connect the thin tubes and fix them and the staircase is complete.