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How to polish stainless steel plate and mirror like?

How to polish stainless steel plate and mirror like?

The following is introduced by Wuxi JiaNuo special steel to you. How to polish stainless steel mirror plate? There are three methods of stainless steel mirror polishing: chemical polishing, mechanical polishing and electrochemical polishing. For more details about stainless steel mirror polishing methods, please read the following. Polishing method of stainless steel mirror surface.

Stainless steel plate

1、Chemical polishing

Chemical polishing less investment, complex parts can be polished, fast, high efficiency, good corrosion resistance, poor brightness, gas spillage, the need for ventilation equipment, heating difficulties, complex parts and small parts of the product with low brightness requirements are more suitable for small batch processing.

2、Mechanical polishing

Mechanical polishing leveling good, bright, high labor intensity, serious pollution, complex, can not be processed, gloss reduction, easy to rust, high investment and cost, simple parts, small and medium-sized products with inconsistent gloss, gloss maintenance time is short, smothering rust.

3、Electrochemical polishing

Electrochemical polishing mirror gloss long, stable process, less pollution, low cost, good corrosion resistance, anti-pollution ability, high one-time investment, complex parts need tooling and auxiliary electrodes, mass production requires cooling facilities, high-grade products, export products, tolerance products, stable process, mass production, easy to operate and control, worth promoting the use of.

Stainless steel plate using a three-step mirror polishing method. Stainless steel plate mirror polishing is a polishing power tool. Mirror polishing in turn using composite shutter disc, synthetic grinding disc, hairline grinding disc three polishing materials. Polishing process for composite shutter plate and synthetic grinding disc, surface polishing process for wool strip polishing disc.

1、Composite shutter disc

The structure of composite shutter disc is to combine surface polishing material and coated abrasive to remove rough surface and irregular shape, which can realize rough grinding and preliminary fine grinding.

2、Synthetic abrasive discs

High concentration abrasives are distributed on a solid non-woven substrate to remove the indentation or burrs on the stainless steel surface to achieve fine grinding and prepare for polishing.

3、Silver polishing disc

Burr disc has good elasticity, easy to accelerate airflow and cooling. Suitable for use with polishing wax or polishing paste to achieve a bright mirror metal surface processing of the last process.

To sum up, the above is the main content of how to polish stainless steel plate and mirror like. The manufacturing principle of stainless steel plate is through polishing equipment, with abrasive liquid will be polished stainless steel raw materials on the surface of the steel plate, so that the surface of the steel plate flat, bright as a mirror. Stainless steel mirror panel series products are widely used in architectural decoration, elevator decoration, industrial decoration, facility decoration and other decorative projects.