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How to adjust the flatness of 304 stainless steel plate?

How to adjust the flatness of 304 stainless steel plate?

The following is introduced by China Jiangsu JIANO Special Steel to you. Some users do not pay attention to these situations when they buy stainless steel sheet. They only care about the price of 304 stainless steel sheet, and ignore the flatness of stainless steel sheet. When they bring them home there will be problems. I hope most 304 stainless steel sheet users don’t just want to buy the cheap stuff. They can’t use them. It’s a waste of money and time.Flatness of steel plates

Currently, the flatness of 304 stainless steel sheets really needs to be improved, depending on the leveling machine. If it is imported, tens of millions of flat plate machines are very flat, especially the 3mm flat plate is as straight as a mirror. But if it is millions of ordinary people, it may not be so straight. For demanding stainless steel applications, flat plate manufacturers take flatness very seriously.

The flatness error of a 304 stainless steel plate is the measured variation of the actual plate surface relative to its ideal plane. The location of the ideal plane should meet the minimum conditions. Flatness error is a shape error in the form and position error. There are five common methods for measuring the flatness error of 304 stainless steel plate.

1, flat crystal interferometry: the use of optical flat crystal working surface reflection ideal plane, according to the degree of curvature of the interference stripes directly determine the flatness error value of the measured steel plate surface. Mainly used to measure the flatness error of small planes, such as the surface of 304 stainless steel plate and the measurement surface of the micrometer needle.

2, scribing measurement method: scribing measurement method is to be measured 304 stainless steel plate and micrometer placed on the standard steel plate, the standard steel plate as the measurement datum, with micrometer along the actual surface point by point or along several straight lines for measurement. Table measurement method is divided into three point method and diagonal method according to the evaluation datum: three point method to be measured on the actual surface of the three furthest points to determine the ideal plane as the evaluation datum. When the actual measurement, the three farthest points on the measured actual surface should be adjusted to the same height as the standard steel plate; when using the diagonal method of measurement, the four corners on the actual surface are first adjusted to two equal heights according to the diagonal. Then use a micrometer to measure. Micrometer in the whole actual surface measurement of the largest change is the actual surface of the steel plate flatness error.

3、Liquid surface method: The liquid surface method takes the liquid surface as the measurement reference surface, which consists of the liquid level in the connection tank and is measured with a sensor. The method is mainly used to measure the flatness error of the large plane steel plate.

4, beam surface method: beam surface method is to use quasi-valued telescope and scope for measurement, select the three farthest points on the actual surface formed by the beam surface as the measurement datum of flatness error.

5, laser flatness measuring instrument: laser flatness measuring instrument is used to measure the flatness error of 304 stainless steel large plate.

In summary, the above is the main content of how to adjust the flatness of 304 stainless steel plate. At present, our company has established long-term strategic cooperation with a number of well-known brand enterprises, providing products and materials widely used in kitchen and bathroom supplies, environmental protection equipment, construction and decoration, catering and medical, petrochemical, animal husbandry and other fields.