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Stainless steel products in our life – stainless steel hinges

Hinge, also known as hinge, has been playing a silent role in our daily life. In recent years, the steady development of the national economy and the rapid development of the real estate industry have led to a year-on-year rise in demand for hinges and a broad market outlook. In terms of the material of hinges, the more common are stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum and other materials, among which, stainless steel hinges are the most popular in the market. The following, by China’s Wuxi JiaNuo special steel stainless steel to take you to explore the hinge, in the end what we do not know the “secret”.

A, the type of hinge difference2016

Hinge products are mainly used in shopping malls, office buildings, residential buildings and other public places with frequent access, where doors, windows, cabinets, cabinets, etc. are almost inseparable from the hinge. Although small, there are many types of hinges, so what is the difference between the different types of hinges in function?

1, ordinary hinges: mainly used for doors and windows, etc.

2, pipe hinge: mainly used for the connection of furniture door panels, also known as spring hinges.

3, gate hinge: divided into ordinary and bearing type, bearing type is divided into copper and stainless steel.

4, glass hinges: installed on frameless glass doors, glass thickness can not exceed 6mm.

Second, the difference between stainless steel hinges and other materials hinges

1, iron hinges. High strength, not easy to deformation, but easy to corrosion, short service life;

2, copper hinges. All performance is very good, but expensive.

3、Aluminum alloy hinge. Good shape, corrosion resistance, suitable for use in doors and windows often need to switch, furniture, but the hardness is relatively low, poor security.

4, stainless steel hinges. Stainless steel hinge color uniformity, exquisite processing, weighing in the hand can obviously feel heavier, thicker, hinge flip flexible, silent, no “stagnation” phenomenon, feel fine, no edge. High-quality stainless steel hinges with all-steel precision ball bearings, to protect the flexibility of the door, smoothness.

Third, the hinge purchase points

1, assess the material weight. Good quality hinges feel thick, smooth surface; on the contrary, poor quality alloy is generally thin welded iron, relatively light;.

2, assess the quality of the feel. Better quality hinges in the open force is relatively soft, off to 15 ° will automatically rebound, and rebound force is uniform, you can actually feel when buying;.

3, assess the quality of the details. Quality hinges fine workmanship, in the design will take into account the size of the sound generated when the switch, part of the hinge has achieved a silent effect. Poor quality hinges generally switch raw, and even accompanied by harsh noise;.

In addition, in the purchase of hinges should also pay attention to the hinge spring reset performance, you can open the hinge to 95 ° and press hard on both sides of the hinge, observe whether there is deformation, fracture and so on.

In the production process of stainless steel hinges, the choice of raw materials is also very critical. Good quality stainless steel materials, the processed hinges are naturally more durable.

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