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How to choose the material of stainless steel trash can?

How to choose the material of stainless steel trash can?

On the road, the garbage cans can be seen everywhere, is the maintenance of urban civilization essential public facilities. We often see the garbage cans, the main materials are plastic, stainless steel, wood, etc., of which stainless steel garbage cans are the most durable, green and environmentally friendly. The following, by China’s Wuxi JiaNuo special steel take you to understand the stainless steel garbage cans, analysis of the materials used, the advantages of use and daily maintenance of the attention.

First, the material of stainless steel garbage cans

Stainless steel garbage cans are mainly made of 201 or 304 stainless steel. Usually, used in the north for the 201 stainless steel, the southern coastal areas are mostly used for stronger corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel. The stainless steel used to make garbage cans will be brushed, the surface to form a special texture, so that the garbage cans more beautiful and generous, but also more wear-resistant and durable. In addition, if you need to stainless steel garbage cans for color labeling, as long as the door position in the baking paint can be, very convenient and fast.

Second, the advantages of stainless steel trash cans

1、Strong corrosion resistance

In normal use, there is no big difference between the garbage cans of various materials, but with the passage of time, a long time the wind and sun will make many materials of the garbage cans more or less broken, rust and other situations, directly affecting the beauty of the garbage cans, pulling down the appearance of the city. Stainless steel material just can effectively eliminate this defect, its production of garbage cans can maintain the perfect appearance for a long time.

2、Heat resistance is strong

Garbage cans need to be placed outdoors, long-term exposure to the wind and the sun, stainless steel has a high heat resistance, even in the hot and hot weather, will not produce deformation.

3、Strong impact resistance

As a public facility often used by the public, garbage cans are easy to suffer unintentional or malicious damage, stainless steel material can well resist external forces, reduce the possibility of damage to the garbage cans, effectively save the cost of care and maintenance.

Three, stainless steel garbage cans use precautions

1, it is generally recommended to clean the stainless steel garbage can once a week to avoid the garbage adhering to the surface of the garbage can and causing corrosion to the stainless steel.

2, daily cleaning can not be used with strong acidic cleaning agents (such as toilet bowl cleaner, etc.) wipe the stainless steel barrel body, high concentration of detergent substances will destroy the surface of the stainless steel protective layer, so that the garbage can rust large areas; can choose a neutral detergent to deal with stains, and then clean water and dry cloth wipe clean.

If you want to improve the overall quality of stainless steel garbage cans, the first step is to start with the raw materials of stainless steel, it is important to choose a stainless steel manufacturer with quality assurance.

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