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Which parts on the car is stainless steel, do you know?

Which parts on the car is stainless steel, do you know?

In recent years, with the popularity of the family car, the public’s cost control of the car, energy consumption and other aspects of the increasingly demanding requirements, how to reduce energy consumption as much as possible under the rated traction power to achieve high capacity, has become an important issue of the current automotive industry research. The application of stainless steel in daily life is becoming more and more widespread, how much do you know about the application in the automotive field? The following, by China Wuxi JiaNuo special steel and you share the use of stainless steel materials in the automobile.

It is understood that stainless steel can not be commonly used in the car frame because of the high cost and weight, but stainless steel, with its excellent performance, is still widely used in the following parts of the car.

1、Exhaust system

Exhaust system is an important part of the car, but also the manufacturing material performance requirements of all aspects of automotive components. For the exhaust system parts structure, applicable temperature, corrosion strength and other aspects of the difference, the stainless steel used must be fully compatible with high temperature oxidation, high corrosion resistance, thermal fatigue and other performance requirements, commonly used materials 409L, 436L and other types of stainless steel.

2、Car fuel tank

Previous fuel tanks are coated with plain carbon steel materials, and stainless steel compared to plain carbon steel is more prone to the risk of fuel leakage. 304L, JFE-SX1 and other materials have excellent performance, is used in automotive fuel tanks, to eliminate the painting process, and easier to recycle and reuse.

3、Individual parts

Seals in automotive parts are commonly used SUS301 stainless steel, the material has the advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and good elasticity. In addition to seals, individual car manufacturers will also use SUS304, SUS430, SUS409L stainless steel to manufacture plate heat exchangers, SUS410, SUS316, SUS430J1L, SUH660 and other stainless steel manufacturing automotive fasteners.

4、Automotive decoration

Because the surface of stainless steel has a certain aesthetic, often used in inserts, antennas, wheel covers, handles and other parts, some high-grade car wipers, mirrors, headlamps and other parts will use SUS430, SUS304, SUS436J1L and other materials; in addition, the seat belt tightener, airbag sensor, booster pump, ABS induction ring and other parts will also use SUS304, SUS304L, SUS434 and other materials.

In summary, in the manufacturing process of the car, stainless steel materials bear an important task mission. For the procurement of stainless steel materials, you can consider choosing Wuxi City China Wuxi JiaNuo Special Steel Co.

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