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What are the characteristics and uses of antibacterial stainless steel?

What are the characteristics and uses of antibacterial stainless steel?

A, the basic characteristics

300 series stainless steel coil as the most common metal material in life, is one of the best carriers of antibacterial metals such as copper and silver, antibacterial stainless steel is a new class of structural and functional integration of materials, both as ordinary stainless steel used as a structural material, and has a decorative and beautifying function, while giving a strong antibacterial function.

Second, antibacterial elements

Copper, silver, zinc, cerium and other metals (or their ions) have natural antibacterial properties, can effectively kill germs and reduce their survival time, but because the metal itself is more expensive, or easy to rust in use affects the aesthetics and not widely used, Cu is still an important alloying element in steel, adding the right amount of Cu is the basic technical idea of developing antibacterial stainless steel.

Third, the application field

300 series stainless steel plate long-lasting antibacterial stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, hot processing, cold forming and broad-spectrum antibacterial properties (polished to maintain good antibacterial properties), mostly used in kitchen utensils, food processing, health care, public facilities and other fields, such as the production of insulation cups, kitchen sinks, medical utensils, etc.