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What are the structural performance, advantageous features and precautions for use of stainless steel reactor?

What are the structural performance, advantageous features and precautions for use of stainless steel reactor?

In the field of petroleum and chemical industry, reactors play an important role in providing physical or chemical reaction sites as pressure vessels to complete the process of sulfidation, nitrification, hydrogenation, hydrocarbonization, polymerization and so on. According to the use of different scenarios, the reactor material also differs, commonly used materials are stainless steel, carbon manganese steel, zirconium, nickel-based alloy and other composite materials, of which the more common is the stainless steel reactor. The following is a detailed introduction to the structural performance, advantages and characteristics of stainless steel reactors and precautions for use by China Wuxi Jianuo Stainless Steel.

I. Structural performance

The stainless steel reactor is usually made of 304, 316L and other high quality stainless steel materials in accordance with GMP standards, the equipment is mainly composed of three major parts: tank, jacket, stirring system, stirring form mostly with frame stirring, sealing with sanitary mechanical seal, interface with ISO standard quick-fit clamp type, inner surface with mirror polishing, outer surface with sandblasting, sandblasting, cold-rolled original color matte treatment. Stainless steel reactor is widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dyestuff, medicine, food and other fields.

Second, advantageous features

1、Excellent mechanical properties

Due to the strong mechanical properties of stainless steel, the reactor made of it can withstand higher working pressure and deformation, so it can withstand the larger volume of solid materials.

2、Fast heating speed

Stainless steel reactor for physical or chemical reaction reactor, need to have high thermal conductivity, cooling, stainless steel material is the advantage of heating, cooling speed is relatively fast.

3、Excellent processing performance

Stainless steel processing performance is very good, can be processed into different shapes and structures in accordance with the actual process requirements.

4、High temperature resistance

Reaction kettle needs to face different high temperature environment, in general chemical and physical reactions, the temperature is up to 600 degrees Celsius. In the high temperature environment, stainless steel materials can still be used normally.

5、Strong corrosion resistance

Stainless steel material itself contains chromium, nickel and other elements, has good corrosion resistance, was made into a reactor can still maintain good corrosion resistance.


1、Before use, check whether the thermometer, pressure gauge, safety valve, bursting disc and other safety accessories of the reactor are intact; check whether the material valve and process pipeline valve are in the required position and whether the valve is intact; whether the receiver port is leaking and sealed; whether the oil quality and oil level of the reducer and mechanical seal meet the requirements.

2, first turn on the power, so that the motor driven stirring operation, observe the reducer and stirring and other transmission parts have no abnormalities; according to the time, sequence, speed, species, quantity and heating, cooling, insulation and other process operational requirements into the material, cast large pieces of material, need to be processed into small pieces into, and open the stirring before the first hand disk, and then press the electric switch point, can be normal operation before the official stirring operation, forcible start is strictly prohibited; if the implementation of vacuum pumping of liquid materials, the vacuum valve should be slowly opened to prevent flushing material;.

3, use, closed reaction period should pay attention to observe the pressure, temperature and other parameters inside and outside the pot, found abnormalities immediately; forbidden to instantly change the reaction temperature or impact the pot; timely equipment operation records; daily maintenance.

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