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How to quench and soften 304 stainless steel plate?

How to quench and soften 304 stainless steel plate?

304 stainless steel plate how to quench soften? The following is introduced by Wuxi JiaNuo special steel stainless steel to everyone. 304 stainless steel plate solution treatment temperature should be in 1080 ~ 1100 ℃ or so, cooling method for water cooling or air cooling. In the cold processing process, annealing is required, and its temperature is generally around 890 degrees Celsius. After a period of time, the final holding phase will enter the water-cooled stage.

The quenched stainless steel plate is put back into the heat treatment furnace, heated to 500 degrees Celsius, held for 2 hours, removed, and cooled to room temperature in the air. The hardness of the stainless steel plate should generally be hb200~230. If the hardness of the stainless steel plate is to be reduced to the hardness before quenching, the furnace temperature can be increased to 850℃, and then cooled with the furnace, the hardness of the steel will be reduced.

304 stainless steel plate quenching is a heat treatment method, the steel is heated above the critical temperature, held for a period of time, and then quickly put into the quenching medium, suddenly lower its temperature, and rapidly cooled at a rate higher than the critical cooling rate, so as to obtain a non-equilibrium organization dominated by martensite. Quenching can improve the strength and hardness of steel, but will reduce its plasticity. Quenching media commonly used in quenching include water, oil, alkaline water and salt solutions.

The 304 stainless steel plate is heated to a period of time above the critical temperature of 40 to 60oC, and then cooled in air called normalizing. Heating the 304 stainless steel plate to the quenching temperature, holding it for a period of time, and then cooling it rapidly in water, brine or oil (individual materials in air) is called quenching heat treatment.

To sum up, the above is the main content of how to quench 304 stainless steel plate to become soft. We recommend that 304 stainless steel should not be quenched, otherwise it will lose its hardness. 304 stainless steel is austenitic stainless steel, which cannot be quenched and can only be improved by solid solution. Austenitic stainless steel is a stainless steel with austenitic structure at room temperature. When the Cr content is about 18%, Ni 8% to 10% and C content is about 0.1%, the steel has a stable austenitic organization. Austenitic chromium-nickel stainless steel includes the well-known 18Cr-8Ni steel and the high Cr-Ni series of steel developed by increasing the Cr and Ni content and adding Mo, Cu, Si, Nb, Ti and other elements. Austenitic stainless steels are non-magnetic and have high toughness and plasticity, but their strength is low. Phase transformation cannot make it strengthen. It can only be strengthened by cold working. The addition of s, CA, Se, TE and other elements provides good machinability.