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What methods can be used to make the stainless steel plate welding both beautiful and practical?

What methods can be used to make the stainless steel plate welding both beautiful and practical?

Time:2022-03-16 Source:WUXI JIANO SPECIAL STEEL CO.

Why is tungsten arc welding used for stainless steel plate welding? It is ignited in the non-melting electric grade tungsten rod and the electric solitary between the welded parts as the heat source, so that the stainless steel plate self-melting to produce a weld. Electric plate and electric solitary area and molten stainless steel plate are maintained by argon gas, so that it is isolated from the air. Because argon is a rare gas, it does not work chemically with the metal material, are not melted in the metal material, and thus can prevent the weld metal material air oxidation and aluminum alloy element ablation. It makes the whole process of welding simple and easy to manipulate. Therefore, we design and produce motor-controlled machinery and equipment, so that the surface of the welded stainless steel plate after welding is bright and clean, without secondary production processing, only grinding and polishing, so that it can be bright and trace-free, and can not find the weld. In the welding using argon gas maintenance, it is low heat transfer coefficient, high temperature does not absorb heat, and therefore heat damage is small, its working standard voltage is only 8-15V can be.

Why is a butt joint used for stainless steel plate welding? Because it is a more common way of joint head, according to the different ways of beveling, can be divided into I-shaped butt weld, V-shaped bevel joint head, U-shaped bevel joint head, X-shaped bevel joint head and double U-shaped bevel joint head, etc. Generally thin thickness below 6 mm, the use of double-sided welding without moving the bevel and leaving a certain gap; medium level of thin thickness and large thin thickness of prefabricated components butt welding, in order to better ensure penetration, must open the bevel. v-bevel for production and processing, but after welding prefabricated components are very easy to produce deformation; X-bevel because of the symmetry of the cross-section of the weld, after welding the product workpiece deformation and thermal stress is smaller than the V-bevel, in the same plate thickness U-shaped and double U-shaped bevel, the amount of metal material added to the weld seam is less and less, and the post-weld deformation is not large, but these bevels are difficult to produce and process, and are generally used for critical structures.

Which welding method is used to weld the 6 mm 316L stainless steel plate?

JIANNUO Special Steel recommends that you can use argon arc welding machine or CO2 welding method, manual welding rod welding can be.

Manual argon arc welding machine: using ER316L welding rod, 2.5 coarse or 3.2 coarse can be; for 6mm thick plate can only use X-bevel, spell welding should pay attention to the welding deformation problem, can positive face a, back a, as far as possible to offset the hazards of welding deformation.

CO2 welding method: If you want to get a good practical effect, you can use flux-cored wire to carry out sputtering, with flux-cored reason is very small, the weld maintenance effect is very good, but the price is more expensive. The actual operation pay attention to the actual operation of the solid layer clear root, be sure to go to get rid of the weld core before carrying out the next welding.

Manual electrode welding: can also be used to hand-made electrode welding to carry out the solution. Select A207 welding rod to carry out welding. Stick welding must also carry out the actual operation of solid layer clearing root.