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What is the difference between brushed and mirror surface in stainless steel surface treatment process?

What is the difference between brushed and mirror surface in stainless steel surface treatment process?

Time:2022-03-16 Source:WUXI JIANO SPECIAL STEEL CO.

Stainless steel brushed and mirror are common stainless steel surface treatment process. After the brushed stainless steel treatment, the surface will show a textured effect, so that stainless steel looks more textured; mirror surface treatment to get the opposite effect, the surface is brighter and smoother. Ltd. to introduce the difference between stainless steel brushed, mirror surface is what?


1、Different concepts

Brushed stainless steel is the plated shape texture effect of the white surface of stainless steel. It is a widely used daily stainless steel surface treatment technology. After brushing the lusterless surface of the stainless steel sheet, there will be textural traces on the surface, but the feel will not be uneven. Brushed stainless steel is more advanced than ordinary 2B surface stainless steel because the surface brushing treatment can reflect the texture of the metal material. The lines on the surface of the brushed plate include straight lines, random lines, corrugations and threads.

Stainless steel mirror plate, on the other hand, refers to the surface of stainless steel plate polished by polishing equipment with an abrasive solution. Iron red powder, nitric acid and water are used as abrasive media, and the surface formed by wool felt grinding makes the surface brightness as clear as a mirror.


2、Different uses

Brushed stainless steel plate is like a long and short line covered with stainless steel plate, forming different lines as the appearance of decoration.

Stainless steel mirror plate can be collectively referred to as mirror 8K plate, mirror plate surface like a mirror. It is brighter and smoother than brushed stainless steel plate, and is often used in high-end decoration. According to the requirement coefficient, there are: ordinary mill 8K, high spectrum mill 8K, ordinary precision mill 8K, precision mill 8K, ultra-precision mill 8K, the higher the coefficient the better, so the mirror plate is usually used in the interior of the container wall has higher requirements for smoothness, such as elevators, interior decoration and large shopping mall decoration.