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How should stainless steel plate surface perforation need to pay attention to what?

How should stainless steel plate surface perforation need to pay attention to what?Time:2022-03-16 Source:WUXI JIANO SPECIAL STEEL CO.

How should stainless steel plate surface perforation need to pay attention to what? Wuxi JIANUO special steel to introduce a simple method of stainless steel plate perforation. First of all, you can find a good physical ability, have some experience in the use of hand drill people to actually operate. Under the drill before using a hard woodworking chisel to punch a pit, the drill bit does not slip. Do not forget to sprinkle water. Finally, do not drill too fast. Find a slightly larger than the hole of the stainless steel plate, polished with an angle grinder than the hole slightly smaller, with an argon arc welder to weld it in the stainless steel plate hole parts, and then polished with an angle grinder flat again after the hole, if the hole is not covered by other objects can be, otherwise, also based on the mirror stainless steel or sand bubble glass, and then carry out grinding and polishing, metal brushing solution.


Stainless steel plate perforation main process and method.

1、First of all, you must carry out drawing lines in the perforated area, making a small round hole, so that the perforation is not easy to error.

2, then put into the rocking arm drilling machine to carry out drilling, so that drilling is more convenient and effortless. The application of the rocking arm drilling machine to ensure safety in the case of drilling, the hand is not tender with gloves.

3, point to the original made small round hole, carry out clockwise punching, drilling. In addition, the speed ratio can not be too fast, very easy to break the drill bit. Everything is normal to ensure that the speed ratio in 200 rpm can be.

4. In the case of drilling, cold water must be prepared in advance to carry out the heat removal of the drill bit. (There is no emulsified oil in the industrial plant) Many processing plants have professional emulsified oil to carry out heat removal.

5, the hole will be burst after the drill bit if it is not easy to take off, in the development of the opposite direction of rotation, remove the drill bit.

6, after the hole is played, in the application of angle grinder grinding piece, the burr around the hole to carry out the removal, remove the burr. To prevent the hand touching the burr, damage to get the hand.

JIANUO special steel remind everyone drilling stainless steel plate, often found that the drill bit is very easy to damage, fracture, hole surface is not smooth, sometimes occur concave groove and can not be removed; diameter is too large, the hole shape is not round or skewed to one side and other conditions. In actual operation, the following matters should be noted.

1. The geometry must be properly resharpened and the two drilling edges must maintain symmetry. The back angle of the drill bit is too large, which will cause the “zapping” condition and chatter, making the drilled hole heptagonal. The horizontal edge should be resharpened to reduce the axial force of drilling.

2、The drill must be installed correctly to maintain the sharpness of the drill bit, and it should be resharpened immediately after being blunt.

3、Effectively select the main parameters of drill geometry and drilling usage. According to the regulations of drilling depth, the length of the drill bit should be reduced as much as possible and the thinness of the drill center should be increased to improve the rigidity. When applying spring steel drill bits, the cutting amount should not be too high to prevent burning of the cutting edge. The cutting speed is not suitable for too large to prevent damage to the drill bit to aggravate or make the hole drilling deviation, and the cutting speed should be adjusted as small as possible when entering and cutting out.

4, sufficient refrigeration wetting, cutting oil is generally vulcanized rubber oil is appropriate, the total flow can not be less than 5 ~ 8L / s, can not be halfway to terminate the refrigeration, in the diameter is very large, should try to use the internal cooling method.

5, pay attention to the whole process of drilling, should immediately observe and check the cutting row out of the situation, if found cutting disorderly inverted wire machine immediately into the tool to check, in order to avoid cutting blockage. Should also pay attention to the CNC lathe running sound, abnormalities should immediately into the tool, can not let the drill bit in the drilling surface stagnation, to prevent the drilling surface hard bottoming aggravation.