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What are the advantages of 316L stainless steel pipe?

What are the advantages of 316L stainless steel pipe?

Time:2022-03-17 Source:China Wuxi JiaNuo Special Steel Co.

What are the advantages of 316L stainless steel pipe?

316L stainless steel tube material chemical composition % (carbon) C ≤ 0.03 (silicon) Si ≤ 1.00 (manganese) Mn ≤ 2.00 (phosphorus) P ≤ 0.035 (sulfur) S ≤ 0.03 (nickel) Ni:10.0-14.0 (chromium) Cr:16.0-18.0 (molybdenum) Mo:2.0-3.0 annealed solid solution state: NO.1, 2B, N0.4, HL, etc. Surface condition.


316L stainless steel is a molybdenum-containing stainless steel, due to the molybdenum content of the steel, the total performance of the steel is better than 310 and 304 stainless steel, high temperature conditions, when the concentration of sulfuric acid is less than 15% or more than 85%, 316L stainless steel has a wide range of uses. 316L stainless steel also has good resistance to chloride erosion performance, so usually used in the marine environment. 316L stainless steel maximum carbon content of 0.03 , can be used in applications where annealing is not possible after welding and where maximum corrosion resistance is required


Corrosion resistance.

Corrosion resistance is better than 304 stainless steel, and has good corrosion resistance in the production of pulp and paper. And 316L stainless steel is also resistant to marine and aggressive industrial atmospheres.


Heat resistance.

In intermittent use below 1600 degrees and in continuous use below 700 degrees, 316L stainless steel has good resistance to oxidation. In the range of 800-1575 degrees, it is preferable not to act continuously. 316L stainless steel, but in the continuous use of 316L stainless steel outside of this temperature range, the stainless steel has good heat resistance. 316L stainless steel has better resistance to carbide precipitation than 316 stainless steel, available in the above temperature range.